Tom Feldbauer’s news for the week

This was sent to Randy and Anne and I was asked to share Tom’s update from Tanzania

Dear friends,

Jambo. I am good.  Sadly that is still the 1 of about 4 Swahili words I understand, even though I go to church almost morning at the hospital and can pronounce a lot of the words in their Swahili worship book OK because I know that A=ah, E=a, I=e, O=o and U=ooh. The vowels were explained to me by Kristen Westermann (pastor’s daughter that came to help arrange education scholarships for Tanzanian students in med related training). Thanks to God she sat beside me on the incoming plane. I do see Yesu in church prayers, which must be Jesus. Hospital Therapeutics Comm. Is having me work with them to create a formulary. I have helped count and bag meds in Outpatient pharmacy but always have staffers check it before it is given to patient. The head of the pharmacy dept. is almost never in the outpatient pharmacy to check dispensing details – he is usually too busy placing orders, tracking and picking up meds and supplies personally, as well as doing other management things and answering questions from Accounting dept. or answering questions from doctors or other med staffers. I am staying at a local pastor’s “rental home” – the location “manager” had several “fixes done today but still no working frig, only 1 working gas burner, etc. John (hospital finance staffer) has been very helpful taking me to local “farmer’s market” and grocery store, etc., so I am learning where to walk for food and supplies.  I’ve been hand washing clothes lately – takes a while to finish and at least 2 days to dry (as you know from your visits). I’m continuing to walk everywhere I go except to the hospital (only did that 6 km walk once). I’m seeing all sorts of locals in all sorts of clothes – Muslims, Lutherans and  Masii. Almost all of them walk, ride motorcycles or bicycles. Some take motor bikes or buses to longer distances. There are a Good many local “farmer market sellers”, street sellers or local shop businesses and of course shepherds going through the area, especially on Saturday (2 markets day). I need to go “home” soon and eat bread, watermelon and potatoes. When I get oil I may start frying things at home too. I will text again next week (probably Wednesday). Be well and God blessings.   Tom Feldbauer


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