Local Church Worship- Sunday June 8


I’m fine, I hope you are also. Today (Sunday, 8 June, 2014) John (finance staffer at KLH) took me to his Lutheran church outside of Karatu (closer to his home). The church is about as big as all of TLC. The service started at 7:30 am. John told me page numbers so I tried to orally pronounce/sing along in Swahili. John’s grandson, Brian, is 6 and the first son of John’s youngest son. I did not ask the correct spelling of Brian’s name, but it is definitely pronounced Brian. Brian was John’s only family member that attended with us and he sat between us. Brian did not read from John’s church book or bible or sing during the service, maybe because John had to share his books with me. The service was to celebrate Yesu telling the disciples that he would be going soon, but he send the Holy Spirit to them. The service leader/minister was a visiting pastor from the area synod.  The usual pastor is only available for communion once a month, but he came in during our service to tell the congregation that the “visiting people” they had expected were late due to transportation difficulties and they may arrive for 10 am service (no communion was planned for either service today). Our service had at least Twice as many women attend as men. I did not count attendance (John sat us in front row) but it had to be at least 100 + choir (18 with 6 men) + special group of brass instrument players (12) whose members gathered then traveled a good distance to play for both services. A member (server) announced info about the congregation’s last week attendance (330 people) and offerings (415,000 tpTsh = $250). John translated that presentation and most of the sermon to me. The arrangement of the service was similar to yours. After the service he had me stay at his house for lunch. Pam’s surgery will be tomorrow, so I will message her now and send you.   More info on Wednesday. God’s peace with you.


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