Local Diplomatic Relations and Local Economy

Hello,    Today a staff doctor asked if I would teach some of his med students pharmacology, of course I said yes, so sometime this week he will give his teaching “to do” list. I have seen and written a copy of the “most commonly used meds\products” at KLH, so I continue to prepare for Thursday’s Therapeutics Committee Meeting. This morning’s clinical meeting included a long discussion about “how can KLH continue giving so many free services (per Tanzanian Gov’t request/orders) when costs continue to rise (mostly due to current supply shortages from government and/or their supplier causing them to have to buy from other sources at higher prices)” and staff is very concerned that lack of products will also prevent proper patient care. After another meeting given by a “nutritional teaching group” sent by government , I reiterated to the “instructor” KLH’s staff’s concern about lack of proper funding for “free” services” and was told government funding should be  available, so I should meet with the government “Regional Medical Director” who’s office is in Karatu to get proper info about government funding situations. I’m sure KLH staff would have done that before if they expected “more government funding” help, but I’ll talk with KLH’s and ask if I should schedule that meeting. Yes, my “try to help” list is growing. I saw local farmer plowing via 2  oxen, some shepherds herding, boys and men hauling items on bikes and hand-pushed carts today (on way back from KLH), but doubt I will have enough time to help them in the future, but Hopefully  I’ll be able to achieve KHL’s current list and whatever maybe next on their list. I hope you a good day. I also hope Pam’s cataract surgery goes well. Thanks for all your prayers for both of us. I will need to go buy some things at local market soon – they are probably closing very soon. God’s peace be with you. Tom Feldbauer


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