Unique Setting Last Two Days- update from Tom Feldbauer

Hello I hope everyone is well and comfortable. 3 days ago I met a KLH dental staffer – first name is Edward. Edward is 30 years old and a devote Christian. After we met, we spent about an hour talking about God and Jesus. Edward lives “up the road” from me and now has been driving me to KLH every day. Yesterday he introduced me to Dr. Edmund Bider (not sure if correct spelling), who is also a devote Christian and they asked me to meet with them to chat last night. So after 5 pm, Edward walked to get me and we walked to meet with Edmund.  Edward lead our walk along the road that is the continuation of my “road” (on opposite side of main highway) to show us a beautiful “lodge” (Baraka Lodge) – he thinks the price is probably $200 to $300 per night. It was somewhat similar to our hotel in Puerto Rico – plenty of trees, lovely plants, separate lodging buildings, restaurant behind the nice large (about 24 seats available) reception area, a good sized pool with a huge elephant statue whose snout was the “water fountain” splashing into the 6 foot deep end of the pool and had an adjoining bar, another bar (with a TV) was in a separate building, etc. Although neither of them drink alcohol anymore (only when they were young men, then quit), Edward wanted us to have tea or coffee at that separate bar, so we did. We were the only people in the bar (it could have seated over 30 more away from the bar). Our tea and coffee came with a sugar cookie and a piece of very good cake. For Edward’s second cup of coffee he had an espresso – we watched as the staffer steamed whole milk in the big expresso maker behind the bar (total cost of the 2 cups each and our extra food was 21,000 Tsh or about $13, which I paid and Edward thought it was so expensive that he told the staffer he should give something for free the next time we came. During that time our chatting became all about proper age for baptisms and God giving us Jesus to gives us salvation, etc. Talking about true Christian beliefs and bible quoting continued throughout our walk home. I had no power when I arrived home, so I went to bed earlier than usual and slept much better than the night before. I did have power again early this morning. Today was cold until afternoon. Then as work time was ending it became very sunny and Edward took me to the local “market festival”. It is on the 7th and 25th of every month. It is on open government land – vendors probably pay 500 Tsh to be allowed to display and sell. Just like most other open air markets – if vendor wants a tent, they bring it, etc. Edward warned me there could be pick-pocketers, but I had no difficulties. My risk may have been notably lower since Edward accompanied me. There were probably over 200 vendors and a lot more shoppers. We even saw at least 3 white skins shopping. One I heard saw to his friend, “I have to buy something for my mother”. The same types of vended items were together in certain areas – areas for animal selling, ropes for cattle, clothes, shoes, radios, handmade clay cooking pots, tobacco, fresh vegetables, fruits, sugar cane stocks, etc. I took movies and pictures as we roamed the “festival”. One reason Edward took me was to buy me on-site, fire roasted on a wooden stick, fresh beef. You pick the piece, pay for it and they roast it, then you can sit and eat in a low ceiling tent. At that tent you also got cooked rice or a cooked (tasted slightly roasted) maize flour mixture (looked like mashed potatoes but was only corn flour), salt in which you could dip your meat, and sodas or beer in bottles. It was a meal very much like Edward ate while growing up. He asked me how I liked beef and I said with less fat, so he chose carefully and had it re-cooked 2 more times when he found pieces that seemed to raw. Of course it was tough to chew and took us a long time to eat it, but it did have a roast beefy flavor – cost 7000 Tsh ($4.50). He had bought some “special almost oranges, (“our tangerines”) which cost 500 TSH – $0.30 for 7 of them and had us eat some of them for desert. What an interesting pair of comparison experiences for me, to visit a special “lodge” with quite expensive foods and services (in local peoples opinion) and the only people we saw were staffers, then visit the open air “festival” with lower than average, somewhat negotiable prices and hundreds of people from all around the region selling and buying. They were amazingly different experiences given me by a very thoughtful and kind Edward, who only met me recently. It is wonderful to be able to have very interesting local experiences with friendly local people. Thank God for all His and Edward’s help. 

I wrote this at home. Now I will check for your recent messages and answer them. On my way home I will stop and shop a few minutes. At home I’ll eat, work a little, shower and go to sleep.
I love you all.



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One thought on “Unique Setting Last Two Days- update from Tom Feldbauer

  1. Sandy Brandt on said:

    Tom, I have so enjoyed every post you’ve made. You are being a wonderful servant for our God, and I’m so pleased that you’ve been sharing your experiences. God’s continued blessings be with you, my friend!

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