Returning from Safari, Tom wrote:

Thank you for the wish and your prayers! Yes, I did have an amazing and wonder-filled time on Safari! Everything worked out pretty well. I had another man named Edward who is the dental specialist at KLH go with me on Safari and he and the guide were a tremendous help!  We arrived in Serengeti close to 3 p.m. Saturday, all day Sunday, left Monday about 7 a.m. and then toured Ngorongoro for over 3 hours and spent almost 1 and 1/2 hour at Tarangire. There were many animals they showed me which I probably would have not seen or would not have seen as quickly. Eventually I started find some animals they had not seen as quickly as I did. I did take pictures of “a few” different animals – only 8 Lions and probably at least 8 thousand Gazelles, only 2 Cheetahs and maybe 1 hundred hyenas and maybe only 70 hundred giraffes, about 50 hippopotamus and ostriches and well over 500 impala, thousands of zebras and “buffalo” and flamingo, at least 50 monkeys and maybe 5 baboons (not close enough to be sure they were baboons), probably 100 elephants.  We did not see any leopards or rhinoceros. We did not get within 1/2 mile of the flamingos but everything else were 25 yards or closer at times. We did public camping, so Edward and I shared a tent. There were public toilets (some American style) and showered with doors you could lock. The cook made plenty of good food and “watched” our tent contents all day Sunday. We also saw over 200 other Safariers (all those which I saw were white skinned), but we only talked to 5 of them. So yes, God blessed and kept us safe and showed us thousands of thousand animals and gave us good weather (warm to hot days and cold nights) with no rain! Yes, a wonderful “never to be forgotten experience”! We did get to meet and talk with Jesse for a short time – he was guiding another group through Serengeti while we were there. Our guide has also offered to help be sure I will be able to know about availability of the “public bus” from Arusha to the airport. So I will be taking the “express bus” to Arusha early on July 15 and then bus to the airport – all for reasonable prices.

Tomorrow will be the Therapeutics Comm. meeting and I still need to finish preparing data and info for that meeting.  While I was gone our refrigerator was replaced and the “newer” one does seem to work well. I must now go shopping, make some supper and start washing a lot of clothes. I also still need to get my phone to accept time. I am almost always with KLH staffers or the Swiss med students, so no worries about phone texting/calling not being available. I hope you all have had an enjoyable, peaceful weekend and are having a “good day”!

Tom Feldbauer


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