Tom Feldbauer is Getting Ready to Come Home

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well. Yesterday, during the morning’s Medical meeting Dr Makyao, Head of Medicine, told the Karatu Lutheran hospital staffers that he wanted a group photo to be taken so it could be posted on the internet. He made sure me and the two Swiss Medical students (Tina & Patricia) were in the picture taken today.  I was allowed to take a video of the group and a picture too.  Dr Makyao also told the group that they are all invited to a “coffee or tea goodbye to me gathering” on Monday and asked me when I wanted them to gather with me.  That was very considerate of him!  During today’s meeting he thanked me for all my efforts and we were also applauded by the staffer for all our efforts. It was very kind of them. Another Doctor spoke to me after the meeting, he is coordinator of the HIV/AIDS & Tuberculosis treatment program, and told me he will miss me because he felt that I had become a staff member during all of work here at KLH. It is wonderful to be so appreciated! During this weekend two staffers want me to visit their homes again and some others want to go with me to a local restaurant for a “goodbye meal”. Two also want me to go to church with them on Sunday. It will be a very enjoyable weekend!  The medical students and I have spent the last two days helping other Therapeutics Committee members complete the assignment they have been given by the Hospital’s Board of Directors.  The Board wants the hospital to recommend a “new cost to the patients” price list for all the products or services that patients receive. Our “subcommittee” has completed 2 of the 3 parts of our assignment and we are expected to complete the third part by Monday afternoon. What an assignment for my last 3 “volunteer work days”, but thank God for giving me enough previous experience here and the other “subcommittee members (including the Swiss medical students)” knowledge, experience and diligent work, we expect to have the entire committee be ready to make the reasonable “profitable recommendations” to the Board on time. During our work, we have found that some things were not being profitably priced and have also recommended that computer systems are available in the future to use the new data system when cost change in the future.  There are many more details to our “subcommittee’s” calculations and discussions, but I’m sure you don’t need all that info. Enjoy God’s blessings and peace.


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