One wild and crazy day last week

Woodcarvings Woodcarving in tree trunck

Board members Myrna and Ken Eshleman were hosting John this past week. While hosting him they explored Messiah College, started to meet immunization requirements for school, discovered many kind helpers and opened their hearts and lives. Some fun parts are noted here from Myrna.

We just returned from a very interesting and pleasant day in Lancaster County. We went on a tour of the Amish farm country with two stops—one where we could buy things like whoopee pies and see an interesting variety of farm animals and equipment, and another one that had quilts and other Amish-made items. I bought a throw pillow for Ken’s chair in our living room. John and Ken each got a soft pretzel to munch on.

Then we went on a tour of an Amish farmhouse and surrounding buildings. We learned a lot about Amish and Mennonite history and culture. We saw an Amish cemetery and a one-room schoolhouse. Our tour guide was a man from Pakistan! (Go figure!). He said he speaks five languages and did quite a good job of explaining Amish and Mennonite history and culture, with one exception—he said that the Mennonites started with a leader named, “Simon Minno” (Fact check: Menno Simons).

We ate our second meal of the day at the Cracker Barrel. It would have been nice to end the visit with a meal at the Amish-Mennonite restaurant, ‘Good and Plenty’ in Lancaster, but we didn’t feel like we had enough time because I had invited friends Kalvin and Nancy to meet us at the DQ for ice cream at 7:00 p.m. this evening. We are working at helping John to fill his sweet tooth. He promised his dad that he would get a banana split while he is here in America, so maybe he can fulfill that promise this evening.

We met Kalvin and Nancy at 7:00 and John savored his banana split. He had no problem ingesting all of it! Afterwards Kalvin and Nancy led us into the countryside to see a place where a man has done beautiful sculpting of a couple of tree trunks with a chainsaw. One trunk had several bears climbing on it and the other one had several raccoons around it. AMAZING!

Then we followed them to the building where they live at Messiah Village and Kalvin showed us his display of a model train with tracks that wander around through a village with many houses with lights in them and people dancing inside and a water wheel and trees and bridges, with scenic mountains in the background and a blue sky with fluffy white clouds. John pushed a button and the whole display came alive with lights and movement. Kalvin is truly an artist.

They invited us up to their apartment on the third floor and showed us many things that they have collected from their travels in Europe. I was happy for John to be able to see Messiah Village where many seniors live—independently, in assisted living and in nursing care. We drove around the Village and described the various living opportunities. As we were driving back home John wondered aloud, “I wonder how long it would take for our country to develop such extensive highways and structures for our people?

Is there something simply American or simply special that you can help John see and experience? Please comment with your offer. Thanks


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