Pastor Ambele Mwaipopo- Bishop of the newly formed Rukwa Diocese- ELCT

Sunday, September 21, his father, Pastor Ambele Mwaipopo, will be consecrated Bishop of the newly formed Rukwa Diocese, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania.  Pastor Ambele Mwaipopo was the first Lutheran Pastor from Tanzania to study at Gettysburg Seminary in 1993.  He returned to Tanzania where he has faithfully served as a parish pastor and in various offices of the ELCT with an emphasis in evangelism.
Please join his son, American friends, sisters and brothers in Christ here and in Tanzania as we pray God to empower this man for faithful witness and service and that Bishop Mwaipopo may humbly serve with courage, strong faith and lasting peace in his heart.  Pray, too, that the bishop’s family continues to rest in the assurances of God’s promises of peace and joy as they walk with this husband, father and brother into new places; together seeking to make God’s kingdom on earth one of peace and love as they are able.
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