Student updates:

I picked up John Mwaipopo at Dulles Wednesday evening. He returns with some data for his project, renewed hope for success and visions of taking advantage of every learning opportunity he can. Right now he is playing relief from sleep depravation and acclamation to American time, food and schedules. We return him to International house on Monday, trusting that the ELCA scholarship check will soon arrive. I “borrowed” T4T funds for initial rent and some personal money – to be repaid from the ELCA funds.Saturday AM he will go with us to bring a TZ Lutheran pastor to our home for laundry, rest, calls to family in TZ and time away from what Lutherans consider a “primitive” summer camp near Mt. Gretna where he serves as international guest leader with the campers grades 5 through 12. Computer Ministry gave him a laptop and Nick checked it out and loaded it up for a good start. Mwaipopo and he can speak Swahili and computer to their hearts content.

Neema Mwaisela, the librarian at SHUCo, will begin studying at Dar es Salam for her masters in library science. Her English skills were not appropriate for that level of study in the US. Additional issues such as cost and family responsibilities led me to counsel her to study in East Africa. She has been accepted and is supported by SHUCo but her finances are shaky. Anne and I have pledged to send $1,000 this year and on Wednesday night at its board meeting, Computer Ministry offered a grant of $500. This is a major help to her and a guarantee for her to start her studies in August. I will send news of her progress.

Jacob Aswile, the English lecturer at SHUCo has been approved for doctoral studies at the Open University of Tanzania in a program that allows him to earn his degree while working. SHUCo approved this program (a must in TZ) and will help financially in a small way. We await further news on that front. Jacob’s vision is to eventually teach a course that either prepares students for the TOEFL exam for admission consideration at English speaking institutions of higher education or to introduce a course of study for those seeking proficiency with English for jobs in Tanzania and Kenya. Ambitious and hopeful. I plan to speak with Jan Dormer who prepares teachers at Messiah for such instruction. Books, study guides, student and teacher exchanges may be in the future.

We have some wonderful opportunities with that container but need people power to bring things together. Following is our needed worker/resource list. There is no way that we can do all of this so I am convinced that God, who seems to want these things to happen, will help make it so using us and our neighbors, friends, work and church mates. Please pray, wonder and start asking where ever you go:

3-6 people to pack up a retired pastor’s library from his home and get it to Mission Central for review and labeling. Library is in his home not far from the Hamden Fire House on Good Hope Road. Time(s) to be negotiated. 6-8 strong people to remove hospital equipment from the third floor of an un-airconditioned warehouse on second street in Harrisburg, load it onto a truck with a tailgate lift and unload it at Mission Central. Help needed at both ends of the journey. Volunteer for morning, afternoon or both. Late August. Exact date depends on Warehouse and lift gate truck.4 people per shift works well. Book sorting, labeling, inventorying, and boxing now through August. Team leader to arrange times with Mission Central.6-8 people to clean, stack and inventory hospital equipment from the Harrisburg warehouse for the container. Late August to mid September. Dates to be negotiated with volunteers and Mission central 8-10 people to load the container in a n orderly way for staged off loading in TZ. Probably the last week in September. Three hours in the morning.
Please pray about this and ask God to open your eyes to see those whom He may be calling and how God might use you to communicate the need and the joy of serving. Lets keep each other informed.


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One thought on “Student updates:

  1. jacob on said:

    This sounds great!!
    Wishing you all the best in all the initiatives.

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