Dear Brother Mwansasu,
Please receive cordial greetings from all of us in tech4tanzania. We pray for you and those with whom you work in the health ministries of the Konde Diocese, especially Itete and Matema Hospitals. We remember with great joy the time we spent together here and we are happy to hear that you, too, feel our time together was good.

God continues to bless our work by opening the hearts of new people to the work He is doing in Tanzania. We have gathered many medical, nursing and dentistry supplies and equipment. We will be shipping two dental chairs, two dental Xray machines and two dental work lights along with tools and motors to work on people’s teeth. (I sent pictures through WhatsApp and have attached the same pictures here). A Catholic friend is a respected dentist here. He reviewed and tested all of the equipment to be sure it is in working order. There is one complete set of basic office equipment for each hospital as you requested.

Many other things are being prepared for shipment late in September. I will send you more pictures and information as time goes on. Please tell me whether to email you or use WhatsApp on our phones. I want to stay in contact with you in a way that is reliable and at low cost to you.

Finally, I remember that you told us about the law suit against the NSSF demand. All of that is far beyond my understanding of government and church relationships and responsibilities. I pray that your fear is relieved and that the outcome of the case will be fair for everyone involved. Please let me know how this unfolds in the weeks ahead.

Light & XRay


XRay and tank



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