Cookie Walk Preparations begin..

Cookie Walk for SH News 2015

Helen Wood at St. Paul, Enola, put together sixty packs of cookie mixes so folks at St. Paul, Tree of Life and Slate Hill Churches could get baking some fun cookies for this year’s walk.  She came up with ten great recipes and and we are off to a great start.  The packs were an inspiration for other bakers who will be doing their own thing with their favorite recipes.  You, too, can bake and donate cookies, invite your friends to the walk, put posters on the bulletin board at work or Church, or whatever your imagination suggests.

Money raised from the cookie walk and other fund raising efforts will help ship a forty foot sea going container filled medical equipment, college reference material and computer technology to the Konde Diocese in south central Tanzania.  By the grace of God, we plan to pack the container this Thursday, November 12, at Mission Central in Mechanicsburg.

Learn more or offer to serve today.  Email us:


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One thought on “Cookie Walk Preparations begin..

  1. Send cookie pictures and we will post them for everyone to anticipate yummy cookies.

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