For the Record

The Cookie Walk was a big hit! Several people want to know the facts. Remember, cookies crumble, walk and disappear. Cookie “inventory sheets” go missing. Cookie boxes multiply. Everyone had a cookie grin.

Here is my best accounting:
At least 190 bags, boxes and assorted containers of cookies arrived at Slate Hill Mennonite Church.
At least 651 dozen (1,608) cookies of many varieties were in those containers
218 boxes of cookies were put together before, during and after the walk
154 were gone by noon
64 went to the three major Churches supporting the walk for after sale sales
Of those 64, only 12 remained unpurchased my Sunday afternoon
and those were given to Mission Central for its volunteer appreciation party

Our net donations (after expenses of about $60 for cookie boxes, gloves and display platters) amounts to
which helps us meet our budget goal for shipment, repairs, ground transportation, etc.

Thanks be to God.

Thanks to all who helped make this happen.


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