Here’s the latest…and best news from Tanzania

Bishop Mwaipopo shows us the Lake Tanganyika Offices and some of the equipment supplied by Tech4Tanzania and the Lower Susquehanna Synod of the ELCA.  It is a happy and hope-filled day.


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2 thoughts on “Here’s the latest…and best news from Tanzania

  1. Owen Jackson on said:

    That seemed to be Bad News, Now is GOOD NEWS
    It has been a couple of weeks since we lost our hope about the container from Tech4Tanzania-USA to Tanzania. We real appreciate the effort that make us to be HAPPY after a long time sadness. Lake Victoria Diocese and Konde Diocese and its Centers are now happy with the Goods that will be of helpful.

    Our special thanks Goes to the President of Tech4Tanzania, his team (Staff) and all who have contributed their goods, time and efforts to make this happen.

    “Real, God Makes the way where seemed to be no Way”

    its me
    Owen Jackson
    Director for Planning and Development
    ELCT-Konde Diocese

    • Owen, Thanks for all of the work you and our friends around Konde are putting forth to inventory and share these goods as requested. We pray that God will bless the work we share to bring hope and peace from Christ to many people.

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