Service in Tanzania

Our cargo container of technology and medical equipment arrived in Dar es Salaam on schedule in January of this year. Weeks and months passed and the container was not released. Storage and fees were mounting beyond anything we could afford to pay; well over $22,000! We gave up hope and were heartbroken because of the great need and the amazing efforts by so many people to gather, repair and ship these things seemed lost.

Tech4tanzania board members recently heard from those sisters and brothers in Christ. They heard word and saw pictures of thanksgiving and praise to God. We also received requests for more equipment (computers, treadle sewing machines, a commercial laundry washer, woodworking tools, welding gear) and medicine to continue the ministries of learning and healthcare. Still licking our wounds from the months of sadness and despair, we agreed to further explore the needs, opportunities and requirements to send another container in 2017 or at least raise money so the Tanzanians could buy some of the things on the “wish lists”.

We are exploring the logistics to better gather and deliver the requested equipment and we are working on fundraising events. We hope to have the third cookie walk in December and we are exploring ways to connect “laundry love” for people in the Mechanicsburg area and the commercial washer for hospital linens and gowns in Tanzania.

Please watch, wait, pray and ask questions so that you might discern if you have a place of service in any of this. Thank you.
Randy Barr


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