Another Sea Container for Tanzania? You can help!


Hospital Staff gather to see some of the things that arrived in late May this year.

God seems to be shaping our response to the request of our brothers and sisters in Tanzania for specific help to grow and flourish there. We have a list of materials and some ideas to raise the money for shipping. This year the focus is on Matema Hospital and a new vocational center in Kanga Village.

What we hope to gather:
In the weeks ahead we will publish the lists of “stuff” that we hope to find, refurbish, clean up and/or rehabilitate. You might have something that can literally make a world of difference! Please keep watching for updates through this page.

There is work to do:
Individually or in groups of friends, schoolmates or business colleagues you might be able to give or raise funds to make important things happen. Social clubs, service organizations, Church groups and businesses have come together in the past. We pray and work and watch. It is always an adventure and journey in faith.

There is money to be raised:
We are planning the third annual cookie walk for December 3.  Mark you calendar for delicious.  With lots of help, we can organize a spaghetti supper, a pancake breakfast and a Christmas catalog of alternative gifts.

We can do great things together. Please stay tuned.


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