9 Unique Ways to Celebrate Father’s day with a mission gift to Tanzania

1. Give a gift in Dad’s honor
Pay for a refurbished computer to go to a school or medical facility in Tanzania ($29 each. 120 needed).

2. Clean out the garage or basement
If your dad can fix anything and has collected three or more of the same tools over the years, help him clean up the garage and give the “extras” to tech4Tanzania. (Woodworking and welding equipment are especially needed)

3. Give the gift of song
We have a working pump organ to go to a Lutheran Bishop in Tanzania. Just $175 will get it there. Smile every time Dad sings off key at worship.

4. Train a tailor
Reconditioned treadle sewing machines ready to go to a sewing-cooperative near Lake Tanganyika. Send one for just $155. (2 available)

5. Get healthy
A patient examination table can get to a hospital near Matema for $135.

6. Sing in the Church?!
One box with ten Lutheran Books of Worship ships for $20. (11 available)

7. Share the Christian Faith
A carton of 37 Bibles and study aids ships for $35. (15 available)

8. Give aerobic exercise while sharing Good News
Sturdy, off-road bicycles are needed for evangelists in the newest Lutheran diocese in Tanzania. Used bikes in good repair would be wonderful. Give one and/or ship one. Ten are needed.

9. Float the Boat
Give the balance needed to send all the gifts, $4,000.00


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