Still Waiting in Tanzania

Our container arrived on schedule, October 8, to the port at Dar Es Salaam.  WAMA of the ELCT is our import agent this time.  They did an amazing job with our first container almost six years ago.  Subsequent shipments have run into small and huge obstacles trying to be released from port and sent on the way for development and relief work among friends, sisters and brothers in Christ.

More than five weeks in captivity and waiting for yet another clearance.  Paperwork, check transfers and government processes have kept the container in storage.  Today we received word that still another agency must inspect and clear the candles that are in the shipment.  Candles that have been declared since August; candles sitting in Dar Es Salaam since October 8, must now be inspected, approved and verified with paperwork while storage costs continue to accrue approaching values that I cannot even imagine our consignee being able to afford.  Sad.  Frustrated.  Angry.

Dear God, bring an end to this waiting.  Free this container for service to your people just as you freed your people from slavery in Egypt long ago.  Lead with cloud and fire.  Let your light so shine before us that all may praise and thank you each day.  Amen



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