Good News!

Bishop Mwaipopo has confirmed that the container from Tech4Tanzania has arrived at the Lake Tanganyika Diocese and is being inventoried and sorted for distribution as planned.  Heartfelt thanks to all who: gathered and packed items for the container, processed all of the paperwork, transported the items around the world, gave money to defray expenses here and in Tanzania, thank God for this opportunity to serve God’s people.

The adventure continues.  We hope to receive stories and pictures of people using the things that were sent to enhance their ministries and further their work.

You can still help in our mission: Developing Relationships for Life!
Pray for all those working to do God’s will in help and service
Learn about our efforts to promote learning opportunities for Tanzanian friends
Provide additional funds to offset the container storage fees accrued in Tanzania
Send words of joy at the marriage of Bishop Mwaipopo’s daughter set for Dec. 9
Stay open to God’s gracious development in you every day
Contact us for more information:



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One thought on “Good News!

  1. Sandy Brandt on said:

    HALLELUJAH!! Thanks for sharing the good news! Blessings, my friend!

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