What’s Happening Now?

With the dawn of a new day, God brought laughter, ministry and clarity.  As president of our home owner’s association I joined in a fun project.  Just before 7AM my other officers and I began stopping cars and giving away free donuts for “Donut Day in Beaumont Square”.  We hoped to meet neighbors, make connections and update contact information; all while giving free donuts to neighbors on their ways to work and school.  The surprise, wonder and delight were contagious.  Great way to start the day.

Next, I changed clothes and headed into Harrisburg to drive my pastor to visit members in specialized health-care facilities.  I had volunteered to drive because recent surgery on his left foot meant transportation by bent knee on a scooter.  Certainly no walking or driving.  Good man and good conversation…with me, for sure.  From the smile on his face and the joy in the eyes of those he visited, good and godly conversation with them, too.

Next stop, lunch with my charge, at a place without steps for easy “rolling access” and wonderful ethnic food just because it is wonderful.  Inspiring, intimate conversation about important life experiences, hopes and dreams.  Part of our time together was spent sharing tech4Tanzania moments and current, unfolding mission.  Encouragement opened my eyes for clear vision, my heart for kind friendship and my soul for determination and focus.

Three points for now and into the future:  not three preaching points and a poem as in the old days of preaching classes among those who have not necessarily been called and/or gifted by God and the Holy Spirit to speak,  simply three points:

  1. It is urgent to raise $18,900 for 24 preachers, teachers, evangelists and administrators of the Lake Tanganyika Diocese to live adequately through the close of this year.
  2. It is important to build relationships with and for Eliezer Mwankenja so that together we can support his tuition expenses and bring his parents to the USA for his graduation in May 2019.
  3. It is necessary to update the information pages of this blog, pages that have gone to seed during the barrenness of my spirit.

What’s happening now?  The Spirit of Pentecost is blowing across this writer and these pages.  Thanks be to God. RWB.




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