Still Urgent, Important, and Necessary

Great Good News!

St. Paul Lutheran Church was able to wire $3,000.00 to the Lake Tanganyika Diocese in Tanzania to begin remuneration of the 24 servants of Christ who are working tirelessly AND WITHOUT PAY(!) since December 31 of last year.  Friends, colleagues and family pitched in to give this first start in help.  Read Pastor Anne Reeves’ letter to her colleague to get the full story and get your creative juices flowing to help reach the goal of $18,900 to pay all 24 through December of this year. (URGENT)

Eliezer Mwankenja will be with me at Tree of Life Lutheran Church, Harrisburg,  Saturday evening and Sunday morning for the three worship services and the adult Sunday School Class on Sunday morning.  Tree of Life is one of the partners in this ministry and its people have been generous in our fundraising efforts and in their general giving.  The time seems right for them to meet Eliezer, hear some of his story and taste some American versions of Tanzanian foods.  Those who join in to meet, greet, and pray will also get a personalized pen with Eliezer’s name on it to keep him in pray at least through his graduation next May. (IMPORTANT) ((prayer, not the pen))

The Tech4Tanzania pages on this blog are slowly, slowly, slowly being updated and more are being added.  I am unclear: Is it my procrastination or my perfectionism that keeps getting in the way of these administrative duties?  Can I really find the time or is my ninth draft really good enough?  Time to put on the shoes and “Just do it! (NECESSARY)

Stay tuned.  Randy


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