Summer Update

May was crazy busy trying to get the word out about the need for salary support for the pastors, evangelists and staff of the Lake Tanganyika Diocese. The response has been very encouraging! We were able to send $3,000 USD by the end of May and we are readying another wire transfer for June in the amount of $3,000.00 USD. People are interested, concerned, helpful and hopeful. We plan to continue praying, asking and celebrating through the end of this year. Bishop Mwaipopo has called with great thanksgiving for our partnership and compassion.

Locally, I have written to the bishop of our synod and those who have held that office recently. I am sure that they have lots of requests for help personally as well as requests to use their influence and connections with colleagues past and present but this seems important and connected to the work to which they dedicated their lives of public ministry. Please don’t take this as guilt-tripping or passive aggressive behavior. These are simply faithful people who continue to set an example of Christian love and commitment in active life and retirement. If the Spirit calls them to this, I trust God to get God’s way.

At the opposite end of the spectrum of office and influence, one child has given me his weekly allowance “for the pastors”! What a great witness and example for other children. Maybe even Vacation Bible School offerings or Sunday School offerings will be solicited as a way to join hands and hearts around the world.

Please continue to pray, asking God’s grace, guidance and peace as all of us, each in his or her own way, seek to follow Christ in the love of God and neighbor.


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