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No Excuses

It has been months since I posted anything here.  There are no excuses.

Please accept my apology.  Please forgive me.  Your partnership is important!

For months I have been depressed with the personal facts of aging!  I have been consumed by darkness.  I have not been able to see, accept or appreciate God’s goodness and blessing as it unfolds in and around me every day.  Thankfully, a new day has dawned. My hope is restored, not in myself but in the God who makes all things new.

Please keep checking this page for words and images of wonder, need and awe.  Together with God, we can change lives for good.


Good News!

Bishop Mwaipopo has confirmed that the container from Tech4Tanzania has arrived at the Lake Tanganyika Diocese and is being inventoried and sorted for distribution as planned.  Heartfelt thanks to all who: gathered and packed items for the container, processed all of the paperwork, transported the items around the world, gave money to defray expenses here and in Tanzania, thank God for this opportunity to serve God’s people.

The adventure continues.  We hope to receive stories and pictures of people using the things that were sent to enhance their ministries and further their work.

You can still help in our mission: Developing Relationships for Life!
Pray for all those working to do God’s will in help and service
Learn about our efforts to promote learning opportunities for Tanzanian friends
Provide additional funds to offset the container storage fees accrued in Tanzania
Send words of joy at the marriage of Bishop Mwaipopo’s daughter set for Dec. 9
Stay open to God’s gracious development in you every day
Contact us for more information:


Still Waiting in Tanzania

Our container arrived on schedule, October 8, to the port at Dar Es Salaam.  WAMA of the ELCT is our import agent this time.  They did an amazing job with our first container almost six years ago.  Subsequent shipments have run into small and huge obstacles trying to be released from port and sent on the way for development and relief work among friends, sisters and brothers in Christ.

More than five weeks in captivity and waiting for yet another clearance.  Paperwork, check transfers and government processes have kept the container in storage.  Today we received word that still another agency must inspect and clear the candles that are in the shipment.  Candles that have been declared since August; candles sitting in Dar Es Salaam since October 8, must now be inspected, approved and verified with paperwork while storage costs continue to accrue approaching values that I cannot even imagine our consignee being able to afford.  Sad.  Frustrated.  Angry.

Dear God, bring an end to this waiting.  Free this container for service to your people just as you freed your people from slavery in Egypt long ago.  Lead with cloud and fire.  Let your light so shine before us that all may praise and thank you each day.  Amen


Another Container is Readied for Shipment

We pack the sea container in one week! Be at Mission Central, 5 Pleasant View Drive, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050 at 9 AM on Tuesday, August 8 to pray and work up a sweat loading treasures for friends and strangers in East Africa. God has abundantly blessed us with good things to share. Help if you are able. Pray for safe travel and life enrichment no matter what.

Calling all to Spread the Gospel

We Americans often take for granted the number of Bibles that we have in our homes–usually there is one per family member. Here’s another opportunity to honor Father’s Day. Let’s send Bibles and Lutheran Hymnals to our partners in Tanzania. Just box up your gifts and take them to Mission Central where our Tech4Tanzania team will crate them and send them with the blessing of the Holy Spirit on the next container.

Take a Deep Breath and Ride with the Wind

We American’s take our cars for granted and don’t really get out to enjoy the fresh air. Our partners in Tanzania long for a means to be more mobile and stay healthy. If you have any unused, roadworthy bicycles that could improve the quality of life for someone in Africa, please consider donating it through Mission Central. These will help to fill our Tanzanian bound shipping container.

The Gifting of Tools to Help Fathers of the World

Cleaning out the basement, garage or tool shed of old, unused tools–particularity for woodworking will help many would be woodworkers and carpenters in Tanzania start crafting projects, building projects and perhaps even apprentice programs.  Please make your contributions to Mission Central. We will include them with the overseas shipping container.


The Simple Gift of Music to Celebrate Father’s Day

Here is a chance to recycle music from your ever expanding library and give the gift of music to our fellow Tanzanians. Simply box up your excess choir music and deliver it to Mission Central who will hold it until the crate bound for Tanzania is loaded. We have a wealth of music here, let’s share it with our worldly partners.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas to Support Tech4Tanzania

Help us celebrate Father’s Day with a special gift given in support of Tech4Tanzania. Used computers are a great suggestion.

Tech4Tanzania Pancake Breakfast- 17 June 2017

Once again we are sponsoring a fundraising breakfast to support another shipping container bound for Tanzania. Please join us Saturday June 17, 2017 from 0800-1000 at St Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church, 6839 Wertzville Road, Enola, PA.  Bring your appetite and your wallet or checkbook.  Help us make a difference in the world.


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