The Gifting of Tools to Help Fathers of the World

Cleaning out the basement, garage or tool shed of old, unused tools–particularity for woodworking will help many would be woodworkers and carpenters in Tanzania start crafting projects, building projects and perhaps even apprentice programs.  Please make your contributions to Mission Central. We will include them with the overseas shipping container.



The Simple Gift of Music to Celebrate Father’s Day

Here is a chance to recycle music from your ever expanding library and give the gift of music to our fellow Tanzanians. Simply box up your excess choir music and deliver it to Mission Central who will hold it until the crate bound for Tanzania is loaded. We have a wealth of music here, let’s share it with our worldly partners.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas to Support Tech4Tanzania

Help us celebrate Father’s Day with a special gift given in support of Tech4Tanzania. Used computers are a great suggestion.

Tech4Tanzania Pancake Breakfast- 17 June 2017

Once again we are sponsoring a fundraising breakfast to support another shipping container bound for Tanzania. Please join us Saturday June 17, 2017 from 0800-1000 at St Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church, 6839 Wertzville Road, Enola, PA.  Bring your appetite and your wallet or checkbook.  Help us make a difference in the world.


9 Unique Ways to Celebrate Father’s day with a mission gift to Tanzania

1. Give a gift in Dad’s honor
Pay for a refurbished computer to go to a school or medical facility in Tanzania ($29 each. 120 needed).

2. Clean out the garage or basement
If your dad can fix anything and has collected three or more of the same tools over the years, help him clean up the garage and give the “extras” to tech4Tanzania. (Woodworking and welding equipment are especially needed)

3. Give the gift of song
We have a working pump organ to go to a Lutheran Bishop in Tanzania. Just $175 will get it there. Smile every time Dad sings off key at worship.

4. Train a tailor
Reconditioned treadle sewing machines ready to go to a sewing-cooperative near Lake Tanganyika. Send one for just $155. (2 available)

5. Get healthy
A patient examination table can get to a hospital near Matema for $135.

6. Sing in the Church?!
One box with ten Lutheran Books of Worship ships for $20. (11 available)

7. Share the Christian Faith
A carton of 37 Bibles and study aids ships for $35. (15 available)

8. Give aerobic exercise while sharing Good News
Sturdy, off-road bicycles are needed for evangelists in the newest Lutheran diocese in Tanzania. Used bikes in good repair would be wonderful. Give one and/or ship one. Ten are needed.

9. Float the Boat
Give the balance needed to send all the gifts, $4,000.00

$1,000.00 Pancakes!

Big Thanks to all who supported our first ever pancake breakfast at Slate Hill Mennonite Church Saturday.  Fran created a beautiful offering bucket, Wendy brought flowers for each table, Gary Dolbin put on his apron to cook perfect pancakes.  Nick, Ken, Chris, Myrna, Anne and Randy welcomed the crowd, celebrated the generosity and fun, and cleaned up so that  all enjoyed a great time for this good cause…Tech4Tanzania’s next shipment to friends and institutions in Tanzania, East Africa.

It’s never to late to join the excitement.  Next time you make pancakes or go out for pancake breakfast or just realize how wonderful your God-given life is…Celebrate by sharing!  Send a financial gift through PayPal from this page or send a check to St. Paul Lutheran Church, 6839 Wertzville Rd., Enola, PA  17025, with the memo line “tech4tanzania.”  Or, if you have “stuff” to share, contact us.

Friday we are off to get a medical examination table, a working pump organ and other blessings from one of the Ken and Myrna’s friends in Emmitsburg, MD.  Tom Marshal from Computer Ministry is sharing himself and his truck for that part of the mission.  And we wait God’s next gift, together.

Cookie Walk 2016

Randy was on TV!  Fun interview for the Cookie Walk.  Follow this link for the fun of it.

Tech4Tanzania: Cookie Walk!

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies!!!

Check this out for details.

Our Lawn Signs

Our Lawn Signs

Thousands of cookies from dozens of bakers make for an excellent and tasty opportunity to do some good and have a good time.  Bring a $10 donation for each box of cookies that you select for yourself, family, friends or organization.  There will extra edible goodies for sale and even handmade gift bags for your cookie box if you want to fancy it up and give it as a gift.   All proceeds benefit the ministries of tech4tanzania.  Please invite your friends.


Listen Up! Radio WPFG 91.3 FM November 12 and 14


Owen Jackson and Dr. Christopher Mwasongela at WPFG 2015

Listen up! Randy Barr will be interviewed by Karla Dejesus at 5 pm Saturday and rebroadcast Monday at 3 PM. When our friends from Tanzania visited last year, they got to see the radio station and do a simple public service announcement of the station and call letters. (It is probably not called a PSA but they got on the air and we had a great time.)

Listen up! and be reminded of our work, and our need for your help to send another container to Tanzania in 2017.

Listen up!  Catch news of the cookie walk December 3, and how to help.

Listen up!  We are looking for welding equipment, treadle sewing machines and woodworking equipment.

Listen up!  Your prayers, hope and help will make a difference…for good.

Please tell your friends and post this on your FaceBook wall. Thanks.

Another Sea Container for Tanzania? You can help!


Hospital Staff gather to see some of the things that arrived in late May this year.

God seems to be shaping our response to the request of our brothers and sisters in Tanzania for specific help to grow and flourish there. We have a list of materials and some ideas to raise the money for shipping. This year the focus is on Matema Hospital and a new vocational center in Kanga Village.

What we hope to gather:
In the weeks ahead we will publish the lists of “stuff” that we hope to find, refurbish, clean up and/or rehabilitate. You might have something that can literally make a world of difference! Please keep watching for updates through this page.

There is work to do:
Individually or in groups of friends, schoolmates or business colleagues you might be able to give or raise funds to make important things happen. Social clubs, service organizations, Church groups and businesses have come together in the past. We pray and work and watch. It is always an adventure and journey in faith.

There is money to be raised:
We are planning the third annual cookie walk for December 3.  Mark you calendar for delicious.  With lots of help, we can organize a spaghetti supper, a pancake breakfast and a Christmas catalog of alternative gifts.

We can do great things together. Please stay tuned.

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