$1,000.00 Pancakes!

Big Thanks to all who supported our first ever pancake breakfast at Slate Hill Mennonite Church Saturday.  Fran created a beautiful offering bucket, Wendy brought flowers for each table, Gary Dolbin put on his apron to cook perfect pancakes.  Nick, Ken, Chris, Myrna, Anne and Randy welcomed the crowd, celebrated the generosity and fun, and cleaned up so that  all enjoyed a great time for this good cause…Tech4Tanzania’s next shipment to friends and institutions in Tanzania, East Africa.

It’s never to late to join the excitement.  Next time you make pancakes or go out for pancake breakfast or just realize how wonderful your God-given life is…Celebrate by sharing!  Send a financial gift through PayPal from this page or send a check to St. Paul Lutheran Church, 6839 Wertzville Rd., Enola, PA  17025, with the memo line “tech4tanzania.”  Or, if you have “stuff” to share, contact us.

Friday we are off to get a medical examination table, a working pump organ and other blessings from one of the Ken and Myrna’s friends in Emmitsburg, MD.  Tom Marshal from Computer Ministry is sharing himself and his truck for that part of the mission.  And we wait God’s next gift, together.


Cookie Walk 2016

Randy was on TV!  Fun interview for the Cookie Walk.  Follow this link for the fun of it.

Tech4Tanzania: Cookie Walk!

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies!!!

Check this out for details.

Our Lawn Signs

Our Lawn Signs

Thousands of cookies from dozens of bakers make for an excellent and tasty opportunity to do some good and have a good time.  Bring a $10 donation for each box of cookies that you select for yourself, family, friends or organization.  There will extra edible goodies for sale and even handmade gift bags for your cookie box if you want to fancy it up and give it as a gift.   All proceeds benefit the ministries of tech4tanzania.  Please invite your friends.


Listen Up! Radio WPFG 91.3 FM November 12 and 14


Owen Jackson and Dr. Christopher Mwasongela at WPFG 2015

Listen up! Randy Barr will be interviewed by Karla Dejesus at 5 pm Saturday and rebroadcast Monday at 3 PM. When our friends from Tanzania visited last year, they got to see the radio station and do a simple public service announcement of the station and call letters. (It is probably not called a PSA but they got on the air and we had a great time.)

Listen up! and be reminded of our work, and our need for your help to send another container to Tanzania in 2017.

Listen up!  Catch news of the cookie walk December 3, and how to help.

Listen up!  We are looking for welding equipment, treadle sewing machines and woodworking equipment.

Listen up!  Your prayers, hope and help will make a difference…for good.

Please tell your friends and post this on your FaceBook wall. Thanks.

Another Sea Container for Tanzania? You can help!


Hospital Staff gather to see some of the things that arrived in late May this year.

God seems to be shaping our response to the request of our brothers and sisters in Tanzania for specific help to grow and flourish there. We have a list of materials and some ideas to raise the money for shipping. This year the focus is on Matema Hospital and a new vocational center in Kanga Village.

What we hope to gather:
In the weeks ahead we will publish the lists of “stuff” that we hope to find, refurbish, clean up and/or rehabilitate. You might have something that can literally make a world of difference! Please keep watching for updates through this page.

There is work to do:
Individually or in groups of friends, schoolmates or business colleagues you might be able to give or raise funds to make important things happen. Social clubs, service organizations, Church groups and businesses have come together in the past. We pray and work and watch. It is always an adventure and journey in faith.

There is money to be raised:
We are planning the third annual cookie walk for December 3.  Mark you calendar for delicious.  With lots of help, we can organize a spaghetti supper, a pancake breakfast and a Christmas catalog of alternative gifts.

We can do great things together. Please stay tuned.

What’s Next?

Today, Mission Central, our key warehouse and transportation partner, posted on their Mission Link the exciting story of our most recent shipment to Tanzania. It has some of that story of hope and fear and satisfaction that our board and partners feel with every new call from God to help in Tanzania.
Most recently we have been called for hospital beds, a commercial laundry machine for one of the hospitals, money to purchase much needed medications, equipment for a new vocational training center including treadle sewing machines, welding equipment and more.

I’ll write more in the weeks ahead about needs and opportunities to help. Check out Mission Central’s Latest News about Tech4tanzania at http://missioncentral.org.

Today, thanks for following us. Keep us in your prayers and wonder if God is inviting you to work in the Kingdom of God through this ministry. Blessings always.

Service in Tanzania

Our cargo container of technology and medical equipment arrived in Dar es Salaam on schedule in January of this year. Weeks and months passed and the container was not released. Storage and fees were mounting beyond anything we could afford to pay; well over $22,000! We gave up hope and were heartbroken because of the great need and the amazing efforts by so many people to gather, repair and ship these things seemed lost.

Tech4tanzania board members recently heard from those sisters and brothers in Christ. They heard word and saw pictures of thanksgiving and praise to God. We also received requests for more equipment (computers, treadle sewing machines, a commercial laundry washer, woodworking tools, welding gear) and medicine to continue the ministries of learning and healthcare. Still licking our wounds from the months of sadness and despair, we agreed to further explore the needs, opportunities and requirements to send another container in 2017 or at least raise money so the Tanzanians could buy some of the things on the “wish lists”.

We are exploring the logistics to better gather and deliver the requested equipment and we are working on fundraising events. We hope to have the third cookie walk in December and we are exploring ways to connect “laundry love” for people in the Mechanicsburg area and the commercial washer for hospital linens and gowns in Tanzania.

Please watch, wait, pray and ask questions so that you might discern if you have a place of service in any of this. Thank you.
Randy Barr

Computer Classes Begin Next Week

Received from John Mwaipopo
July 12, 2016

ELCT-Lake Tanganyika computer laboratory is ready for use. Next week they are going to start training students about computer applications. The room carries 12 students per class. There will be sessions from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Each day we hope to have 50 students.Lake Tanganyika computer lab 1

Lake Tanganyika July 12 2016 Computer lab 3

This is what cooperation in the service of Christ looks like today in Tanzania. From my point of view, it feels really great. What a blessing God has allowed us to be.

Thanks to all who helped make this vision a reality:
ELCA Division of Global Mission, International Leadership Development
Slate Hill Mennonite Church, Camp Hill, PA
St Paul Lutheran Church, Enola, PA
Tree of Life Lutheran Church, Harrisburg, PA
John Mwaipopo, MS ICT, Tanzania
Bishop Ambele Mwaipopo, Lake Tanganyika Diocese, ELCT
Computer Ministry, Mechanicsburg, PA
The Lower Susquehanna Synod of the ELCA


Itete hospital owes a roll to save the community health. The increase in population and multifarious in health sector does not tall with the available infrastructure, especially in Out-Patient Department (OPD) which has vast increase in number of patients/clients. These patients do not need only medical service but also need categorization and standard care. In order to attain all that there is need to increase and modify available infrastructure, hence the need to construct new OPD/CASUALITY department.
Medical clinic, Obstetrics and gynecology clinic, Pediatrics clinic, General OPD, Emergence department, Medical store and reception, Psychiatric department, Special clinic for NHIF/CHF, Eye unity, Physiotherapy unity, PITC/VCT room, Palliative care room, Dental unity, Resource center (library), Meeting room, Staff and patient toilets, Staff on call resting rooms, Staff tea room and Blood bank.
The project of construction of new OPD building started on September/2015. It was discussed by HMT that the project should start with small fund we have collected while looking for-ward for more fund from internal and external sources. We have received funds a total of Tsh 20,203,976.94/= from our friends in Jesus. Out of it 7,710,511.39/= comes from Mission EineWelt (German) and 12,493,465.55/= comes from our friend in USA – Lower Susquehanna Synod – LSS (ELCA) with these funds we agreed to start with the land scalping and start the constructing of the foundation. The work stated and finished the foundation of two block building.

On 22april/2016 we received fund for the same from our friends in German as follow;
1. From Congregation of Munich west, German – EURO -3000
2. Zakayo congregations (Munich west), German – Euro 4000
3. VEMA (private Insurance Company), German –Euro 1600
It makes a total of Euro 8600, the amount was converted to Tanzania Shilling 20,797,534.65 (see attached bank statement)
With this fund, HMT (Hospital Management Team) discussed and agreed to procure the following materials.
1) Building stones – (for finishing the remaining part of foundation) – 20 trips @ Tsh 170,000/= (Tsh 3,400,000/=)
2) Sand – (for foundation, floor and to makes bricks) – 20 trips @ Tsh 170,000/= (Tsh 3,400,000/=)
3) Cements – 200 bags @ Tsh 16,000/= (Tsh 3,200,000/=)
4) Iron Bar – 40 pc @ Tsh 20,000/= (Tsh 800,000/=)
5) Timbers – 115 pc from hospital forestry – Tsh 442,000/= (labour charge)
6) Labour charge (30%) given Tsh 3,000,000/=
7) Total used up to now – Tsh 14,242,000/=
The work is still in progress
Hospital Management Team (HMT) discussed to manage the construction of OPD with minimal cost using financial value of the resources available. Here is the plan
1. To use available man power available at the hospital to the maximum whenever it is necessary.
2. To use our machine (brick manufacture machine present at the hospital to make building block instead of buying it.
3. To use available hospital forest to make timbers for roofing and other use instead of buying it.
4. To use hospital engineers (employed by the hospital) to cover some of the activities which are within their scope of professional i.e. plumbing, wiring, carpentry work etc.

Some challenges we faced/are facing
1. Electricity poles in within the construction site – we thank God we managed to remove them despite long Government bureaucracy we had to follow and pay for it’s removal.
2. Hydro electrical power wire crosses the construction site with its transformer planted nearby the site – we are about to reallocate to another site
3. Big tree situated in-within the construction site; – we thank God we manage to remove it.

We thank God for your generous Giving. All we can do is to thank God for your love.
(Philippians 4: 16-17) “Not that we are eager for your gift, but we do seek and we are eager for the fruits which increases to your credit.”
God bless you.!!!

Here’s the latest…and best news from Tanzania

Bishop Mwaipopo shows us the Lake Tanganyika Offices and some of the equipment supplied by Tech4Tanzania and the Lower Susquehanna Synod of the ELCA.  It is a happy and hope-filled day.

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